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15 Amp MiniPort

CN-15MP Features

  • SmartSequencing™
    SmartSequencing allows bidirectional, safe sequenced power up/down operations via the push of a button or turn of a key.

  • Voltage Protection
    Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS) safeguards from catastrophic under-voltage (under 80V sustained) or over-voltage (over 145V sustained) conditions. The EVS feature can be selectively enabled or disabled according to the preference of the user.

  • BlueBOLT Compatible®
    IP Control (Telnet or cloud-based BlueBOLT) via SmartSequencing (when connected to CN-1800S/CN-2400S with BB-RS232 Adaptor).

  • Diagnostic Lights
    Diagnostic lights provide valuable system information including power quality.

  • 15 Amp Output Current
    15 amp maximum current capacity with incorporated 15 amp thermal circuit breaker.

  • DIP Switch Customization
    DIP switches and potentiometer allows customization of settings such as sequencing delays, 12V on/off, and more. Security covers are provided to prevent unauthorized personnel from tampering with DIP switches.

CN-15MP Description

Furman’s Contractor Series MiniPorts extend the benefits of SmartSequencing to electronics outside of the equipment rack, providing tremendous flexibility to any installation scenario. Units may be daisy-chained and fully controlled via a Furman SmartSequencer, legacy Furman sequencer, third-party sequencers, via the Internet (with BB-RS232 adaptor and SmartSequencer), and/or control and automation systems.

DIP switches and potentiometer allows customization of settings such as sequencing delays, 12V on/off, and more. Security covers are provided to prevent unauthorized personnel from tampering with DIP switches.

Sequencing of duplex initiated remotely by standard analog triggering (remote terminal) or digital link (SmartSequencing from CN-1800S or CN-2400S).

The CN-15MP can shut itself off automatically when triggered by a fire alarm.

CN-1800S Technical Specifications

AC Voltage Input Range

  • 90-139VAC, 50/60Hz

Maximum AC Current Rating

  • 15 amps (Thermal breaker)

AC Cord

  • 3/14AWG, 10 feet, black, fixed, NEMA 5-15P plug

AC Receptacles

  • 2 NEMA 5-15R’s (1 duplex)

Surge/Under-Overvoltage Protection

  • AC Undervoltage Protection: EVS, 77VAC+/-3VAC
  • AC Overvoltage Protection: EVS, 140VAC+/-5VAC
  • AC Overvoltage Reset Modes: Manual and Auto-reset (configurable)

Operating Temperature Range

  • 5C (40F) to 40C (105F) degrees

Humidity Range

  • <90% rH (Relative Humidity)

User Interface:

  • Circuit Breaker: Pushbutton, 15A
  • Front panel diagnostic indicators (LED): Power, Extreme Voltage, Primary Link, Secondary Link
  • Side Panel DIP Switch Features (with security cover): 1 Minute Delay, 2 Minute Delay, 4 Minute Delay, Force Off NO/NC, 12V Mode On/Off GND Mode On, Momentary/Maintained, Primary/Secondary, EVS Reset Auto/Manual
  • Side Panel Potentiometer allows fine tune delay adjustments

Control/Status/Triggering (Rear Panel):

  • Remote Terminal: +5-30VDC In, 12VDC (12mA) Out
  • SmartSequencing: Phoenix-type 4-Pin Connector, Screw Terminals, Primary & Secondary Links (Current Loop - 1000’ nominal)
  • Remote Terminal: Phoenix-type 5-Pin Connector With Screw Terminals; +12V, STAT, REM, GND, DLY_OUT (Class 1 Wiring)
  • Force Off: Phoenix-type 2-Pin Connector With Screw Terminals, FORCE OFF (Class 1 Wiring)
  • RS-232 Compatible: Yes, indirectly, when connected via SmartSequencing to a Furman Smart Sequencer with an RS-232 port
  • IP Accessibility: Optional IP control via Telnet, HTTP, or BlueBOLT® when used in conjunction with SmartSequencing
  • Voltmeter: Available with SmartSequencing Ethernet option, ± 2VAC accuracy
  • Ammeter: Available with SmartSequencing Ethernet option, ±1A accuracy

Power Consumption (No Load):

  • 10 Watts

Safety Agency:

  • CSA, RoHS Compliant

CN-15MP Product Dimensions

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CN-15MP Support Documentation

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CN-15MP Quick Start Guide
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CN-15MP Manual
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CN-15MP Datasheet
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CN-15MP Communication Protocol


CN-15MP Technical Drawings

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Furman Now Shipping Contractor Series SmartSequencers™

Furman has announced that it is shipping its first two Contractor Series products: the CN-1800S (15 amp capacity) and CN-2400S (20 amp capacity) SmartSequencers™.

Designed for commercial A/V installers, the units combine AC power distribution, protection, filtration, sequential system power on/off, and optional compatibility with Panamax/Furman’s BlueBOLT® hosted remote power and energy management platform.