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RS232 to Ethernet BlueBOLT Adaptor

BB-RS232 Description

The BB-RS232 Adaptor provides Ethernet connectivity to BlueBOLT-supported products that are otherwise only capable of RS-232 communication. Once the adaptor is connected between the BlueBOLT supported product (via RS-232) and the site’s Local Area Network (via Ethernet), the product can communicate with our BlueBOLT servers.

BlueBOLT allows you to:

  • Control individual outlets or outlet banks
  • Monitor your devices and power status
  • Receive email alerts for power events
  • Schedule tasks such as power on, off, cycling, and sequencing
  • Manage multiple devices in your chain of devices
  • Utilize device-specific features for your compatible product

CN-1800S Technical Specifications


  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet, RJ-45 Jack.

RS-232 Port:

  • DSUB 9 Male connector. Pins 2 (RXD), 3 (TXD) and 5 (COM) are used for communication, pins 1 (GND) and 9 (+12V) are used for power.

Ethernet Port:

  • 100BaseT Ethernet Communication with BlueBOLT service on the Local Area Network.


  • Powered through non-communication signal wires of supplied 9-conductor cable (for RS232 port) or with included wide-range AC/DC switched-mode wall adaptor.


  • 1’ H x 2.5’ W x 4’ D

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BB-RS232 Support Documentation

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BB-RS232 Quick Start Guide
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BB-RS232 Datasheet
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BB-RS232 Technical Drawing

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BlueBOLT® Remote Power and Energy Management provides real-time, cloud based control and monitoring of the energy used by electronic devices. From easy reboots of locked-up electronics to comprehensive energy tracking and scheduled conservation, BlueBOLT provides a unique combination of control and monitoring directly at the electronics’ power source. Electronics plugged into a BlueBOLT-enabled component can easily be rebooted with the click of a button through BlueBOLT’s easy to use, cloud-based user interface.


Furman Now Shipping Contractor Series SmartSequencers™

Furman has announced that it is shipping its first two Contractor Series products: the CN-1800S (15 amp capacity) and CN-2400S (20 amp capacity) SmartSequencers™.

Designed for commercial A/V installers, the units combine AC power distribution, protection, filtration, sequential system power on/off, and optional compatibility with Panamax/Furman’s BlueBOLT® hosted remote power and energy management platform.